There was a time that a rock chip in the windshield meant that one would eventually have to replace the entire glass.  However, with modern techniques, a Tempe windshield repair company can fix rock chips so that they do not continue to crack and spread across the glass.  In most cases, the repair will last for the lifetime of the windshield without any further problems.  If, however, the chip begins to spread, the owner will need to schedule replacement of the windshield

Automobile windshields were once made of simple plate glass.  However, in an accident, that type of glass could break into sharp shards that endangered the occupants of the vehicle.  Today, auto safety glass is used in all automotive windshields.  While this glass can prevent the glass from breaking into sharp pieces, it is still susceptible to chips.  What begins as a small chip in one’s auto glass can quickly spread into a long break or a spider web crack that obscures the vision, unless one seeks Tempe windshield repair quickly after the glass is chipped.  Many insurance companies provide coverage for these repairs at minimal cost to the vehicle owner.

In order the repair the glass, the Tempe windshield repair company will begin by grinding the chip to the point that the epoxy resin can fill the hole.  This allows the resin to fill the area and create a strong bond that prevents the glass from shattering more.   Once the chip has been filled, water cannot fill the area and expand on a frosty morning causing the chip to spread.  That expanding water can lead to further damage to the windshield.

There are times, that the only hope for a windshield is total replacement.  This can be due to an auto accident or a rock chip that was not repaired soon enough.  When it is time to replace the windshield, a Tempe Windshield Repair company offers services to make the replacement.  In addition, the company can replace other auto glass such as windows or mirrors.  In some instances, even though a repair for a chip was made, the chip can spread requiring replacement of the windshield.

Whether your vehicle needs Tempe windshield repair that involves filling a rock chip or an entire windshield replacement, you will find professional services to meet those needs.  The company offers services to replace all types of auto glass, including windshields, windows and mirrors.  Keeping the glass in your vehicle intact is an important part of ensuring your safety while traveling in the vehicle.

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